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Time to kiss Zimbabwe goodbye forever.

8 years ago | 51867 Views
by Israel Dube

Things fall apart at Zanupf. Brother turns against brother, sister betrays sister. The center cannot hold anymore. As the walls of oppression and discrimination  collapse, Matebeles must make sure that they do not find themselves lost in the dust and debris of the Zimbabwe ruins.

 We at MLO would like to inform Matebeles that your Independence and Sovereignty  is due NOW or NEVER  and  urge everyone  to get ready to play their  part to usher in your Freedom and Self Determination. No one shall deliver Matebeleland independence and sovereignty but Matebeles themselves.

  Matebeleland must seize  this glorious opportunity and break away the yoke of oppression and discrimination  when  Zimbabwe s  power hungry oppressors and gukurahundist  are consumed in their own self destruct  power struggles.

Have you forgotten about the 5 Indices that are currently  at play and  catalyst to deliver The Republic of Matebeleland on or before 2018 ?

Have you forgotten about the Legal  and  Economic warfare that would deliver a shattering blow to Zimbabwe ?

For the benefit of doubting Thomases who still do not believe that Matabeleland is under oppression, check the following speeches by a few deadly oppressors in the world.
Reminder: Never take a tyrant's words for granted. They do flash red lights before they act. It is important to read in between the lines.

 Quote 1) "Men from Matabeleland are only good at marrying many wives and making babies instead of developing their areas, they are lazy," Grace Mugabe addressing a rally in Gwanda, Matabeleland South.

Quote 2) "Blacks cannot rule themselves.  They are good in nothing else but making noise, dancing, marrying many wives and indulging in sex. Let us all accept that a black man is the symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence. I wish to announce a number of new strategies that should be put to use to destroy this black bug. We should now make use of the chemical weapon. Priority number one, we should not by all means allow anymore increases of the black population lest we be choked very soon," P.W Botha apartheid leader.

Quote 3) "We have sprayed gamatox to kill cockroaches in Matabeleland," Emerson Munangagwa during genocide campaign.

Quote 4) "I have deployed an army in Matabeleland to totally annihilate the Ndebele," Robert Mugabe addressing a rally in Zvishabane during genocide campaign

Quote 5) "I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some to let you know why I annihilated them," Adolf Hitler.

Similarity of speech very striking, is it not? There you have it, in Mugabes and Munangagwas of this world there is no doubt that we are dealing with serious murderers, oppressors who are in the same level with apartheid Botha and Nazi Hitler. Oppressors and mass murderers   around the world have the same mentality. No matter where they are in the world the pattern is always the same.  The only difference is that, with the help of the whole world, apartheid and fascism are now dead and buried but Matebele oppression in Zimbabwe is still alive and kicking, hatred and obliteration of Matebele is ignored by the world and continues unabated like that of the Palestinians.

 The program of confession and reconciliation in South Africa helped in healing the wounds of apartheid and brought about peace and unity. Under Zimbabwe the heartless perpetrators  do not  allow people to mourn their loved ones who lost their lives in the most brutal manner during gukurahundi genocide.

 What have we benefited from Zimbabwe since 1980 apart from the killing of over 40 000 unarmed civilians, over 100 000 of Matebele  girls and women raped over 1 000 000 Matebeles dispersed into the diaspora and the remaining population of 3 500 000 living under oppressive and discriminatory  conditions if that was a benefit?

 What are we going to get after the disintegration of Zanupf?      NOTHING !    NOTHING !  ABSOLUTELY  NOTHING !    It is clear that opposition parties in Zimbabwe desperately need Matebeles to  help them remove Robert Mugabe and possible Zanupf from power but continue with the institutionalised discrimination and oppression of Matebelels.

. But Zanupf politics of tokenism and isolation is evident in their top structures. In a pure Zanupf fashion the post of the president is reserved for Zimbabweans then  second vice president and other three  meaningless ministerial  posts are given to Matabeles to hoodwink people of Matabeleland  and the world that the  Matebeles are represented in Zimbabwe s government. The truth is those people are just dummies they don't have a say. If you think I'm lying wait until the MDC renewal team announces its leadership.

The GNU exposed all the pretenders and deceivers in MDC T. We watched as there was a stampede to shower Mugabe with praises by MDC T officials as soon as the GNU was formed. The most revealing was the then Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's statement as quoted by The Guardian in 2010. "I suppose Robert Mugabe has been portrayed as a demon, he himself made a contribution to that caricature because I cannot defend what he did over the last 10 years in terms of violence, in terms of expropriation and these other activities. But there is also a positive contribution to our country that he has made. Remember that he was a national liberation hero so those are positive years." Tsvangirai statement confirmed what we already knew, that is Zimbabweans see gukurahundi as their finest hour and this set the stage for what was to follow. Like the birds of the same feather will do, MDC. T ganged up with Zanupf and made sure gukurahundi was swept under the carpet, made sure leaders from Matabeleland were excluded from the presidency, made sure that Zanupf policy of marginalisation, annihilation and segregation continued. What happened to DIMAF Mr Tendai Biti?  To them serious human abuses started in the year  2000 and anything that happened before then is a none issue. Are they not deceivers, are they not gukurahundi denialists, are they not collaborators, are they not catalysts for Zanupf conspiracy plans? Expecting change from such untrustworthy people is same as expecting diesel to trickle from the dry stones of Chimanimani mountains.

Recently we have seen groups of rowdy young man and women coming from as far as Zimbabwe to grab land and companies from both black and white people of Matabeleland under the guise of correcting the wrongs of the past and  indigenisation. The companies and land which continues to be stolen from Matebeles everyday by these thugs will never be returned to the rightful owners unless we reclaim them ourselves but of course at a course to be borne by all Matebeles collectively.

We at MLO cannot afford to ignore danger warning signs which are glaring at us. We are pretty sure that as long as we allow it, as long as we are not standing up to them, as long as we continue crying foul but doing nothing, as long as we allow them to rule us. Zimbabweans will continue to steal our resources, steal our land, steal our properties, rape our women, kill innocent people, exterminate our culture and our identity until the nation called Mthwakazi is wiped out from the face of the earth. Make hey while the sun shines. When the enemy camp is divided you can as well sleep inside their tent. While they are still involved in their gamatox battles let us all unite, rise and unleash the revolution that will pave the way for an independent and sovereign Republic of Matabeleland.

Akuzenzo kungemazwi!

Secretary MLO Secretary for Information and Publicity
Contact us ;
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Anonymous user 8 years
One day! One day!
Anonymous user 8 years
Grace is using bedroom talk fed to her by hubby, and the plan is toi divide and rule which has not changed in 34 years, heaven help us, they speak as if the rest of Zimbabwe does not exist and they are the sole owners.The kingdom of mugabeland
Anonymous user 8 years
Anonymous user 8 years
who could be willing to arm and train us millitarily
Anonymous user 8 years
Yeah! This is a very powerful information that need to be considered seriously. People of Matabeleland lets stand up and fight for what is rightfully ours. This is the time!
Anonymous user 8 years
lets cooperate zimbabwe we can do this in jesus christ
Anonymous user 8 years
fighting is not the solution .clever people dont use claws they use wise words
Anonymous user 8 years
Anonymous user 8 years
just to shed light on the role of his excellency vice president P.Mpoko in the the Gukurawundi genocide ,he is the one who revealed that Zipra had hiden arms in their properties that they had acquired, he pointed out that the main culprit was noone other Lookout Masuku that is why the former Zipra general was left to die in his bed and denied visits from Dabengwa,Now its payback time from his excellency RG Nicholle Machiavel ,and Jabulani Sibanda had forgotten what i said to him I will say it again,you are treading on thin ice watch you back.bro yaka bakla ubulaya wangkukhlwa.
Anonymous user 8 years
anonymus, You cannot run a country without the army,teachers, police, doctors, customs&excise, and the list continues. We need to train solders and police now. There is no secret about it. Problems have been identified Shona can choose whoever to run their country the way they want and whatever they do is their standard of life. Our standard is different our hospitals, roads, water, power and our railways are dead. We want go back to a progressing country and leave them destroying theirs to a village status as it is now. The men want to be called presidents and ministers when they have reduced the country to a village, there are simply Village Heads,Vidicos and Wardicos. We are cleaner than that and we can prove it. Open the talks now and tell them what we want, now not tomorrow.
Anonymous user 8 years
are all the Mpofu, Ndlovu, Moyo etc ndebele.
Anonymous user 8 years
Yes they are.
Anonymous user 8 years
For European countries to prosper they split u according to Languages. French for France, German, Italy. This thing of everyone aboard only benefits the majority and marginalizes everyones else. Let Mugabe keep Mashonaland (yes they keep voting for him-as he only developes Harare since 1980 only) And we in Bulawayo will choose our own. We differ. We are oppressed. Plumtree my home town looks like a town from the 1950s..
Anonymous user 8 years
Eat your mouse mina ngizadla amacimbi ami. No offence...
Anonymous user 8 years
All those who dream of splitting Zimbabwe into another breakaway republic are retrogressive..The country wants peace and unity. The only thing that is needed for the country to prosper is to unite against ZANU PF and create a govt that is accountable . Stop all this rhetoric and let sleeping lie and lf you live in a glass house, don't throw stones
Anonymous user 8 years
What do you mean when you say, "if you live in a glass house don't throw stones" ? Is that a threat or What? For your own information we don't want to split Zimbabwe aka Mashonaland but we want to restore the Jameson Line border between Zimbabwe and Matabeleland/ Mthwakazi and revive the statehood of Matabeleland which was destroyed by white colonialists. By the way did you know that Mashonaland aka Zimbabwe was occupied without any resistance on 13 September 1890 while Matabeleland alias Mthwakazi was occupied through conquest by the whites 3 years later on 3 November 1893 by the whites after a fierce battle between Amabutho (warriors) in a war that left 6 000 warriors plus 12 000 civilians dead. If you understand this then you are in a position to know that no one is going to split your Zimbabwe. It is not our duty to remove Mugabe because we are not the ones who voted him into that position in 1980 or anytime after that. The Zimbabweans (shonas) who always vote him should do that, we are not Zimbabweans. Matabeleland shall be free whether you like it or not.
Anonymous user 8 years
Pure reflections of emotional scares left by Mugabe s savagely actions and his gangstery machinery butcherous holigans
Anonymous user 8 years
Yu guys are first class day-dreamer,when your forefathers came in this land,how many women did they have in their group? You pple kidnapped our beautiful aunts and sisters then and robbed the whole Masvingo and Midlands provinces of nice-looking ladies. You are all our nephews we expect you to respect us. If we are to say the truth,you were born out of rape. We forgave you pliz learn to respect us.
Anonymous user 8 years
Yu guys are first class day-dreamer,when your forefathers came in this land,how many women did they have in their group? You pple kidnapped our beautiful aunts and sisters then and robbed the whole Masvingo and Midlands provinces of nice-looking ladies. You are all our nephews we expect you to respect us. If we are to say the truth,you were born out of rape. We forgave you pliz learn to respect us.
Anonymous user 8 years
The restoration of Matabeleland statehood means the restoration, of our culture, identity, dignity, pride, languages, independence and sovereignty.
Anonymous user 8 years
kanti yena lo umuntu othi we are dreamers, udingani vele lapha ekhaya? typical shona!
Anonymous user 7 years
UMthakazi shall be free befuna bengafuni
Anonymous user 7 years
Wow so powerful we can do it.TOGETHER WE CAN DO BETTER
Anonymous user 7 years
Mayibuye inkululeko!
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