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Father of Five burns 12-yr-old girl with a hot iron

10 years ago | 9973 Views
An Nigeria Immigration officer, Yemi Afolayan, has been arrested for allegedly burnin 12-year-old girl, Favour Emmanuel, with an iron.

Afolayan was also said to have allegedly tied and beaten up Emmanuel before inflicting the injuries on her neck and foot.

Punch reports that the girl had been ased to prepare a meal for the family. The accused became angry as he felt it had taken a long time for the food to be ready.

Emmanuel said, "He asked me to prepare rice.  While I was preparing it, he became angry that it had taken a long time for me to finish cooking the rice. He grabbed me, tied me up and used the hot iron to inflict injuries on my body.  It was really a very tormenting experience."

Afolayan, who is said to be a father of five, denied that he beat up and burned Emmanuel with hot iron.

He explained that he only scolded her, adding that she ran out of the house.  He stated that she might have sustained the injuries while running away from him.

Police said, "The child is in our custody. We are taking care of her and we will take her back to her family. The act is very horrible.  Such a treatment is not acceptable. This ministry will not relent on protecting the rights of children."

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Anonymous user 10 years
not surprised , its a nigerian at all
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