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Thabitha Khumalo pushes legalisation of prostitution

11 years ago | 12683 Views
Thabitha Khumalo, the MDC-T Member of Parliament for Bulawayo East, last week signed a petition calling for the decriminalization of the prostitution.

"It (prostitution) is here to stay and we need to bite the bullet. Pleasure engineering did not begin in Bulawayo or Zimbabwe. It all began in the Garden of Eden and one of those pleasure engineers was Eve," Khumalo told guest at the event.

"Who in their right mind will deny it? We will have to embrace it, whether we like it or not."

Khumalo threatened to expose colleagues using the services of prostitutes if her campaign is not supported in Parliament.
"Every time I get a chance to speak in Parliament I will speak of the decriminalisation of prostitution," she said.

"If the calls are not heard then we will name and shame some ministers and other officials who have sought the services of pleasure engineers," she said.
Meanwhile working girls who attended the event organized by the Sexual Rights Centre blasted police for demanding free sex.

"They (police) love free rides because they carry guns and handcuffs. They take us to dark corners and take away our dignity and hard earned money," one of the girls said.
"Health workers too should stop discriminating us. As sex workers we should have labour rights."
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Anonymous user 11 years
MaKhumalo has gone far overboard for pushing for legalising prostution and secondly her claim that Eve was a prostitute is way out of order and disrespectful to say the least. You can go ahead and sell your ideas without making grossly uninformed claims. The bible is right within your reach and you could cross check before making such ridiculous claims. Much as we want to sympathise with some of these politicians one can't help but go sick as you watch them put one big foot after another in their mouths offending the very electorate they need to stay in office.Truth is there is no honour among thieves so in order to sell the evil idea she has to demonise the Holy word. As if thats not enough, she goes on to blackmail her very colleagues.Shows there is no noble way of justifying an evil practice. Your life maybe at twilight but bear in mind that you have the responsibility to ensure that young people and little children have a right and deserve the same decency within which you and your children were brought up. If that doesn't mean anything to you then you surely do not deserve to be the people''s representative
Anonymous user 11 years
maKhumalo is right lets legalise this thing and tax the business as this will always be there ... pple dont want the truth...prostitution will always be there
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