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I wonder if Nkomo would have supported MLF?

8 years ago | 6704 Views
I hear Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) is going to hold a Joshua Nkomo rally in South Africa. I find this a bit unusual, especially after listening to some 1976 interview where Nkomo puts it clear that they (PF Zapu) wants a country for all (skip to 00:19:30).

MLF does not want Zimbabwe at all. MLF wants Mthwakazi.

Nkomo Rally; In my opinion I think there are only two parties with the right to hold a Nkomo rally and without doubt MLF is not one of them.

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Anonymous user 8 years
After 33years of tribal betrayals by Zanu, maybe Nkomo would have shifted to sopport MLF ideas
myAfroTube 8 years
Don't you think Zanu has betrayed every tribe in Zimbabwe
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