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Both Tsvangirai and Mugabe won the election with a landslide?

9 years ago | 21712 Views
Zanu-PF won the recent peaceful Zim presidential polls by a landslide but the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai also claims to have overwhelmingly won the same election too and 89-year-old Robert Mugabe stole it from him.

Tsvangirai said the poll legitimacy "comes from the people of Zimbabwe. AU (African Union), Sadc (Southern African development Community) and the outside will only give superficial legitimacy. It is the people of Zimbabwe who should legitimise an election."

"If Mugabe really won the election, he should deliver what he promised to the people. If he succeeds, I will shake his hands and tell him that he really won the election. The truth of the matter is he can rig an election but he can't rig the economy," said Tsvangirai.

"We won the election but they stole our vote. What Zanu PF doesn't know is that they have made us stronger, more positive and more robust," he said.

"Zanu PF knew very well it could never win a free and fair election. The election was lost 20 years ago when the military took over election process from the civilians.

"When voter registration was taken over from civilians, we should have known what it meant. When people's names were recorded by traditional leaders, we should have known what it meant."

"They can't even celebrate. Their biggest challenge is how to garner legitimacy when the whole country is in national mourning," he said.

"We won this election, Mugabe knows it," Tsvangirai declared.

"Zanu PF knows it. The international community knows it. This was a massive fraud. The biggest question is what then is the way forward? What can we do as MDC? Interestingly, they (Zanu PF) were already ready for us before we even reacted," he said referring to police deployment to Harvest House and potential flash-points.

"Some of you are scared of how they will spend the next five years under Zanu PF leadership. Let me assure you that we will never betray the struggle of the people to have democracy. Zanu PF can do all it wants but this time we won't join them," he said.

"They can't force us to accept defeat when we know that we won the election and they know it. We are together till we win the fight," he added.
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Anonymous user 9 years
The Zimbabwe tragedy is African and Eastern block democratic tragedy . I mean problem not shared by the French or the Italians or the British etc. You observe on the globe various shades of democratic cultures some of which ultimately required external intervention for their necessary correction. Tsvangirai is only a member, element, of LEGITIMATE force seeking necessary national democatic transformation. Like the biblical Moses I view Tsvangirai's ambition to take Zimbabweans into land of 'Canaan' as legitimate. It is Tsvangi rai's critics that have suspicious, if contrary, ambitions.
Anonymous user 9 years
Yeah, it has got to be admitted that on the globe we have democracy's sorry/filthy/unsightly sites alongside the clean/tidy/smart, non-apologetic democratic cultures of the more civilised UN member states. The UN civilised member states have unfortunately never been frank enough about the 'democracy'-stench brought by fellow UN members' notoriously 'unwashed bodies'. Otherwise certain nations could en masse embark on urgent genuine search for a 'quick bath'. This is exactly where lies Africa's democracy fate & that of her unfor tunate sympathisers, who have found political survival impossible without indispensable oppression of the masses, what the germans or the dutch will never need! Blessed be they that find perpetual psychological comfort in the PUBLIC SECRET of their democratically 'unwashed bodies' !!
Anonymous user 9 years
seka hako mwana wevhu. dununu rinzi morgan.
Anonymous user 9 years
Morgan Tsvangirai is a peaceful man. Personally I greatly salute him for challenging the so called elections through democratic, political and diplomatic means. He is not a violent man. If I could have a chance to talk to him face to face I will urge him to consider these talks we are hearing through rumours for the benefit of our economy and the people of Zimbabwe at large,
Anonymous user 9 years
Tsvangirai is as confused as they come
Anonymous user 9 years
Tsvangirai and Mugabe, the people of Zimbabwe do not owe you any favours. Whatever the two of you are fighting fo is not solely for the benefit of the masses. Its no secret that you are doing it for yourselves and your inner circles. You are not fighting or defending democracy. Its LOOTOCRACY.
Anonymous user 9 years
For one to successful lead a country in a modern day politics,must balance domestic and foreign policy.Mugabes policy is too domestic.Tsvangirai is a mere politician taking advantages of Zimbabwe polarized political landscape by being the darling of the West,using sanctions as the supporting pillar.Tsvangirai can not stand a chance with any one in Zanu PF party because of his lack of diplomacy.Even though elections were not free and fair...tilted in favor of Tsvangirai due to unbearable pressure of sanctions Zanu Pf emerged the winner.When Tsvangirai toured the World as he mobilized foreign support in the foam of sanctions.Mugabe longed an unti- sanctions campaign. Just as Morgan managed to convince the world,The political super star Mugabe managed to convince voters that Tsvangirai is the architect or of pain and suffering in the country.He is now regarded by Zimbabweans as the worst enemy.Tsvangirai almost won in 2007 not because people liked him, but simply because Zanu PF ran out of campaign funds and because people were pressed by hunger...A true story from a Zimabwean in Zimbabwe who voted in2007 and 2013,a street man, not a politician.
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