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Are Zimbabweans expected to believe Zanu has never rigged an election?

9 years ago | 25030 Views
A day before 2013 presidential election Mugabe said: "we have never done it (cheating) before. We are not going to elections for the first time, we have had elections before, democratic elections."

Could this be another of Mugabe's stories since he claims to be "a good storyteller" and "could spend his "time telling stories or writing them."

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Anonymous user 9 years
His comments smell worse than he does - just bullshit
Anonymous user 9 years
A leopard can never change his spots , once a LIAR always a liar
Anonymous user 9 years
Has anyone seen any footage proving electoral fraud?
Anonymous user 9 years
MDC wake up and smell the coffee!!! You had a litany of issues relating to the uneven playing field way before the elections, which you failed to correct. You should have shown strong leadership by resisting the elections until the issues were sorted out. You can't be whining now saying the elections are null and void before the votes are counted. Why did you waste everybody's time?.
Anonymous user 9 years
Anonymous user, its not MDc only mourning it is the whole nation because we are going to be ruled by fake voters. some pbeservers were alerted of a hidden polling station manned by a zanupf agent and in MT pleasant fake voters who did not even know whether Mt pleasant is a shopping centre or a survurb were seen being dropped by a zupco bus. The driver said he is coming from the depot so suddenly zupco depot has houses and is in Mt pleasant constituency, what more do you want so how many places did this happen if it can happen in the glares of Harare.
Anonymous user 9 years
Why Governments and Parties Manipulate Elections: Quantitative and qualitative evidence from a variety of sources: Zimbabwe (before 2000): In Mugabe’s government before 2000 it was utilized far beyond the point to which it might reasonably have contributed to electoral victory , and it was perpetrated quiet publicly. Second, the cases show that such excessive and blatant electoral manipulation was perpetrated in pursuit of its indirect effects, that is, with the aim of influencing the behavior of voters, regional bosses, organizations, party leaders and other political elites, and their financial backers, in ways that enhanced the manipulating party’s power and discretion while in office, as well as its ability to subsequent retain office. This rational for manipulating excessively and blatantly was explicitly articulated by Mugabe. Zimbabwe (2013): Nothing has changed.
Anonymous user 9 years
Zimbabwean Elections Rigged claims SA Think Tank A private South African based intelligence organisation Nasini Projects has allegedly unearthed a deadly electoral fraud in the just ended harmonized elections in Zimbabwe to end an unease coalition between strongman Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai,leader of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Speaking to NP News Saturday the chief executive officer of the Think tank Ms Lucia Mordi said a delicate ballot paper was used to rig the election. “From our findings so far we are 99.9% convinced that the election was rigged via a ballot paper.A special watermarked ballot was used to give president Mugabe a resounding victory.The ballot had a water X against President Mugabe’s name such that if any ink is placed on the paper the substance on the paper will react and remove the ink and activate the watermarked X into print.If you look at some ballots you would see that Xs are very straight and Identical. These were mixed with ordinary ballot papers in a proportion that would favor Zanu PF.Therefore I call for the opposition parties and the international community to stage an urgent probe into this scam ” When asked why she carried out the investigations Ms Mordi said her organisation was established to deal with issues related to serious fraud across the world. “Our organisation was established to reduce serious fraud across the world.After a tip from our China Branch we moved in to evaluate the situation” If Nasini Projects happen to be correct this could be the world’s fraudulent experience since the world was formed. Nasini Projects has branches in more than 100 countries and works with various government secretive intelligence organs.However further investigations show the Organisation is closely related to Nikivu Projections,a company that is being speculated as have aided the fraud.Unconfirmed reports show that after completing the Zimbabwean Project, Nikivu forwarded to Nassini all the information containing evidence of rigging. Nassini will then aid the opposition to find evidence of the fraud. Once the opposition is in power Nikivu through its subsidiary Nassini will begin to strengthen the relation making the company get huge government contracts. The organisation operates under various names in different countries. Fireworks are expected in Harare with tense closed door meetings among Mr Mugabe’s senior members already taking place.Our sources in Mr Mugabe’s party told NP News that Mr Mugabe is deeply depressed and is said to have worked out of a meeting angrily citing that his Socrates acted in an unwise manner. According to our source,if Mr Mugabe assume office it is most likely that most of the intelligence personnel used in the rigging process will be eliminated.
Anonymous user 9 years
The bigger problem that Zimbabwe faces is not another term of Zanu PF government, Zimbabweans are tough and will pull through, but yet another contested ballot. This is your democracy whoever you vote for. If an election is reported to be rigged then all parties should support a thorough investigation, after all an MP acts in the interest of the constituents. If this is not the case then you don't have a democracy. If it is just accepted then you are bringing your own trouble in a few years time. How long will the old man live? Beware that a coup could be less than 5 years away. Don't allow your children to receive a corrupt system in years to come. You owe it to them if no one else. Mugabe is 89 years old. He doesn't run the country. Men of 75 lose concentration and comprehension of current issues. Mugabe is no superman. If he is unfit to work in a normal job then he is unfit to run a country. Mugabe deserves to retire with grace. Let him. Look at Mandela - he left the job and became an international icon. If Mugabe stepped down similar WILL be thought of him. The world will forgive quickly. The people should have the power - not a self loving party who will happily come and rape the democratic system to their own gain as they live in luxury. Where is the land they promised you all? They have it. Where is the indigenisation going to go? To them. They don't care about you. Take it back from them. They are the new colonial power - but your lives are harder.
Taliyana 9 years
Nonsense Mugabe won them elections Free and Square. When Tsvangirai got into the GNU he was concerned about his ERECTIONS and not elections. He was concerned about which woman to sleep with, Liz, that one who eloped, that Bulawayo one, Susan ah vakawanda mhani
Anonymous user 9 years
Continue to Tsotsi the Economy
Anonymous user 9 years
Its vise -visa,the question is biased,It must be like 'Are Zimbabweans expected to believe that elections were rigged?' as eye witness and voters in Zimbabwe,we never expected crybabies because they were free,transparent and fair.Even though tilted in favor of the MDC because of sanctions induced unfair landscape and over funding of MDC T by NGOs etc.
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