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Zimbabwean Reality Show - CULTURED!

10 years ago | 14141 Views
What a great Idea, Check out this New Zimbabwean Reality Show, that promotes Zimbabwean Cultural values. to start showing soon on ZBC TV and KLEAR TV U.K .

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Anonymous user 10 years
This is a gud concept but not a zimbabwean culture, Shona culture yes but Zimbabwean i dont think so!!!!
Anonymous user 10 years
Anonymous. the plan is to take the program to different parts of the country. funds permitting, there will be a season 2, a season 3, etc. You know how it is, we can't accommodate everything in one season. All the same, many thanks for your support and observation
Anonymous user 9 years
im sori..m going to b blunt..nxt tym please use real people..i mean the ones i accidentally watched..are so cheap and fake.couldnt stop rolling my eyes...its pathetic.please advise them to be real..the concept is cool but tuvanu turimo nxaaa man
Anonymous user 9 years
Wer r the other episodes ?
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