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I wonder if Nkomo would have supported MLF?

10 years ago | 7689 Views
I hear Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) is going to hold a Joshua Nkomo rally in South Africa. I find this a bit unusual, especially after listening to some 1976 interview where Nkomo puts it clear that they (PF Zapu) wants a country for all (skip to 00:19:30).

MLF does not want Zimbabwe at all. MLF wants Mthwakazi.

Nkomo Rally; In my opinion I think there are only two parties with the right to hold a Nkomo rally and without doubt MLF is not one of them.

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Anonymous user 10 years
After 33years of tribal betrayals by Zanu, maybe Nkomo would have shifted to sopport MLF ideas
myAfroTube 10 years
Don't you think Zanu has betrayed every tribe in Zimbabwe
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