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Drug dealer's crazy excuse to dodge jail

10 years ago | 11169 Views
Crazy stuff indeed, a cannabis 26-year-old cannabis dealer is said to have told the court that he used weed to ward off evil spirits that afflicted his three-year-old son.

The Herald on Monday reported that a drug dealer by the name Tafadzwa Chawatama of Gukwe Village under chief Chinamhora in Goromonzi was sentenced to 18 months behind bars after the court refused to buy his story.

Magistrate Ms Georgina Ndava convicted Chawatama of dealing in dangerous drugs before sentencing him to 24 months in prison.

Six months of the prison term were suspended on condition of good behaviour, leaving Chawatama with an effective 18 months jail term.

In passing sentence Ms Ndava said that it was not about the quantity of dagga he was found in possession of but what he used it for. She said throwing the dagga in the fire and administering it to the child was aggravatory.

In mitigation, Chawatama told the court that he had been advised by his relatives to use the dangerous drug on the child so as to scare away evil spirits. Asked by the magistrate how he used it on the child, Chawatama said that the minor would inhale the smoke after burning the dagga.

In aggravation prosecutor Ms Patience Chimusaru said that Chawatama committed a serious offence which warranted a custodial sentence.

"His reason for committing the offence is quite aggravatory.

"Dagga is harmful to adults and worse to children. He exposed the minor to a great danger. The child could have suffocated after inhaling the smoke," she said. On May 8, police detectives received information to the effect that Chawatama was dealing in dangerous drugs. The following day, the detectives went to Chawatama's house and identified themselves before searching the house.

The search led to the recovery of four sachets and loose dagga which weighed 22 grammes. Chawatama was subsequently arrested.- Herald
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Anonymous user 10 years
legalise marijuana
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dangerous drug... what a joke
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