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Europeans are more Indigenous to Zimbabwe than Zezurus

10 years ago | 12372 Views
You know I can be called a tribalist or something along those lines, but I still have to tell the truth. Did you know that the Europeans, which Zanu is so intent to fight as foreign settlers, are actually more indigenous to Zimbabwe (or Southern Africa at least) than them? 

Let's face it, the first Europeans, the Portuguese, touched on Southern Africa, Zimbabwe included, and settled as traders and missionaries starting in 1497, but the Shona only arrived in 1700! So who is more indigenous than the other here.

You know there is always something common about the late arrivals in certain African countries who want to cast themselves as more indigenous than everyone else. I don't know if its borne out of insecurity or what. - Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel
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Anonymous user 10 years
onorota iwe monumutapa was there way before 12 hundred and on top of that it wa build after many years of locals being there,
Anonymous user 10 years
munhu uyu haana kudzidza i form4 yakamboyedza kuva pastor ndokuzova chimbwasungata.enda unopedza chikoro wozoinda kuvarsity kwete ZOU NE UNISA.
Anonymous user 10 years
kuda kutanga zvimwe
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