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If Mugabe dies - Nkomo, Mujuru take over

11 years ago | 16485 Views
Is it not that simple that either of the VPs will take over from the old man if he dies before the end of his term in office?
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Anonymous user 11 years
Tsvangirai will take over even thought I would like a person with a bigger cortex like Simba Makoni to take over.
Anonymous user 11 years
It is funny how ZANU PF confusion can turn the country upside down. Seems ZANU is bigger than the country (or so they think). The country will go on with or without an individual.
Anonymous user 11 years
Simba Makoni is an economic hero for Zim and hence can help shape Morgan and his juniour to be Great future leaders of the nation while Zanu PF capitalists can act as strong barometers acting as balance and checks for a unified Zimbabwe Government
Anonymous user 11 years
i think the prime minister shall takeover though the constitution doesn't say so. Since he is the head of goverment.
Anonymous user 11 years
By Mthwakazi

fACE THE FACTS, John Nkomo will never ever take over because he is a Mthwakazi and the Shonas hate Mthwakazi people. This is why we need the MLF!!
Anonymous user 10 years
No, no, Those two have been shonalized, there are high chances of them doing the same thing like the old pratt.
Anonymous user 10 years
The country needs a good overhaul, leave out all those who think their turn was on the way to abuse the country. Mashona bobhoyi, we UMthwakazi kaNdaba we not going anyway, lingajwayela kubi. Go back to your history zizophuma izinduku emqubeni kanye lemikhonto.During the liberation struggle ZIPRA was stronger than ZANLA, IT was known, kwakusidla phansi okungopasi kengezwa umzila wamaZIPRA forces. Lokhu sinjalo, lapho esilwa khona , ishona linuka worse!!!!
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