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Why Do Politicians Lie?

11 years ago | 13965 Views
Why do politicians really lie to us to get our vote? Ltes Discuss
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Tags: politicians


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Anonymous user 11 years
politics is like a competion in a game and does not have a desired outcome as all its goals are by chance
Anonymous user 11 years
all politicians are in concubinage with with satan no wonder they lie to poor souls.
Anonymous user 11 years
politicians lie because politics is a lying game. if they tell the truth, its obvious they loose your your vote. that does not need a proffessor of robotics to discern, does it?
Anonymous user 11 years
well, obviously they lie because politics is a lying game, no doubt. telling you the truth does not benefit them in any way, starting with your vote.
Anonymous user 11 years
politics z when A gets to a certain point through steping on B, C, D......s' sholders wth or wtht the consent of these, so saying the truth wll make them refuse to be steped on. Plitcns re greedy pple, wtht luv, liers, nt free n hence the xracter of the kngdm of the dark.
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